Tango a Media Luz Milonga

At Tango a Media Luz we host lessons and workshops in Argentine Tango before our Milonga every Friday in the heart of Vancouver's funky Commercial Drive district. Please join us for a relaxed social evening of Argentine Tango in Vancouver!

Dance on our 3200 square foot maple hardwood floor. The lounge area includes comfy sofas and chairs so that exhausted tangueros can sip on a mate, have a snack, engage in conversation or simply just listen to the tango music and watch the dancers.

We also have a practice area for those wanting to hone their skills or work on what they just learned at the lesson without interrupting the line of dance and still enjoying the wonderful music from one of our many guest DJs. Try to join our class for a tango lesson before the Milonga.

TANGO A MEDIA LUZ is accessible by car, bus or skytrain. Click here for map. We are located close to "Commercial Platform 4", two blocks away from the Broadway sky train station. Click here for transit information. There are many fine restaurants and coffee houses on "THE DRIVE" - as it is known. It is the centre for many multicultural activities.

Tango a Media Luz Milonga
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