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La Tangueria EspositoTuesday
June 30th,

DJ - Jessie
Lesson - Steven & Joanna

*Registration for July 2015 Vals Lessons*
Doors open for Milonga at 8:30pm.

La Tangueria Esposito

4015 Fraser Street,
Vancouver, B.C.

Click for map.

(778) 999-4280

Tango a Media LuzFriday
July 3rd,

DJ - Elmer
Lesson - Desiree & Lance

Lesson at 8:30pm ($10)
Doors open for Milonga at 9:30pm.
($10 for Milonga only -
$15 for Milonga & Lesson)

Tango a Media Luz

2155 Commercial Drive,
Vancouver, BC

Click for map.

(778) 999-4280

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